Baking Sinfully Good Dominican Cakes Just for You

Make special occasions even more special with sweet and decadent Dominican cakes from Sassy Cakes by Sol in Lithia, FL. Our team of bakers and cake decorators can create the perfect dessert that you and your guests will love. We proudly serve customers in Tampa, FL.

Cakes for Birthdays, Baby Showers, and More

If you are planning a grand birthday party or a casual get-together, we will work one-on-one with you to customize the flavors, toppings, fillings, and other add-ons that you would like on the cake. We can even match the design of the cake to the theme of your party or celebration.

Our team can make the cake exactly as you requested, and we’ll make sure to deliver right on schedule. No matter what you’re celebrating, count on us to provide you with cakes that will leave you wanting for more.

Get in touch with us today via phone or email to request a quote, or to learn more about what we offer. We look forward to hearing from you.


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“Take a Bite, Be a Kid Again!

Every bite of Sassy Cakes by Sol takes you back to that simpler, sweeter time of childhood where you had no worries and no responsibilities! Sol delicately pours her heart and soul into the production of each of her masterpiece cakes, and you can certainly taste her dedication. Her goal is to make each cake an individual experience for all who enjoy, and she never disappoints. It's a free pass to the sweeter time machine available. I take a bite, close my eyes, savor slowly, and I am a happy 6-year-old again for that one moment. Get your moment...take a bite of Sassy Cakes. You'll thank me!”

-Luz W.

Miami, FL

“Sassy Cakes is delicious. The cake had just the right moisture. The design of the cake was gorgeous. My daughter who was only 3 at the time is very fussy. She enjoyed the cake very much. Thank you so much.”

-Michelle R.

Tampa, FL

“Sol’s Cakes are the best! They are true to the Dominican Cakes with the yummy pineapple filling and so soft and moist, I can't wait to eat it again!”

-Carlos P.

Tampa, FL

“I love Sol’s cakes. Each one she makes has a unique personal touch that leaves you craving for more. Be it the typical pineapple filling, coconut, guava, or strawberry, my mouth waters just to the thought of savoring a piece of cake. I no longer reach for big store chain cakes, once you try Sol’s, you are sold!”

-Angela G.

Miami, FL

“It was hard for me to find someone who can really make the type of Dominican cake I grew up eating. Once I tried Sol’s cakes for the first time, I needed to look no further. Give her cakes a try and you will not regret it.”

-Ray P.

Lehigh Acres, FL

“Although I was born in Italy, I grew up in the Dominican Republic. My mom used to make our family Dominican cakes just for fun and I used to love them. I remember the sweet smell of the merengue smeared over the cake, mixed with the pineapple filling, yummy! Once I tried Sol’s cakes, I felt as though I was back in the DR reliving my childhood moments, savoring once again those cakes my mom used to make.”

-Arturo D.

Miami, FL

"Whenever is time for a special celebration, it is a must in our family to have one of Sol's specialty cakes. The moisture, flavor, and filling coupled with the love and devotion she puts into each masterpiece, are just the right combination to leave you craving for more."

-Edgar P.

El Portal, FL

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